Our El Segundo Dentist Blog Has Information on How to Improve Your Oral Health

Posted on: July 1, 2016

DentistA good dentist blog is supposed to do three things. First, it is should give you good information that will help you to prevent situations from occurring that would require a dentist to take corrective measures. As a El Segundo dentist, I live by the idea that preventative care can help my patients to live a life that is free from oral health problems. If you never had to come in with a problem ever again, and only came in for your bi-annual checkups and cleanings, that would be a job well done. We focus on this idea in the clinic when you are here, and also translate that philosophy to our blog.

The second thing we want to do is provide you with information that is easy to understand and not confusing. We understand that as dental professionals, it is very easy to speak in technical terms, but this is not what most of our patients are looking for. The internet is full of websites that want to give you all kinds of information. Today you can search for, and find, information on everything from teeth whitening to why you have a dull toothache. This mass quantity of data can be overwhelming to some patients who get more confused by the research. We want to be clear and concise so that when you do have an issue you know that it is time to call for a dentist appointment. Finally, our blog is designed to be a conversation starter. In other words, we hope that you will come see us in person for a customized diagnosis and treatment plan.

Why people visit the dentist

Most dentist visits are perfectly routine. As much as people get concerned about some rare diseases affecting them, and as much as there is scary information online, most times our patients come in for cleaning, to fix a cavity or to discuss braces for their kids. One of the most common causes for a dentist visit is a toothache. In fact, most people do not realize how common they are. According to research, the toothache is the second most common reason people miss a day of school or work. Very often they are caused by a small cavity that has gone undetected and untreated for too long.

A cavity is formed by decay. Bacteria live in the human mouth, as a matter of course. This bacteria is neither harmful nor uncommon, however, it is necessary to ensure that this bacteria does not have a large accumulation. You can always see where the bacteria are colonizing a tooth because of the yellowish film that develops on a dirty tooth. This film is known as plaque. When the bacteria builds up, the acid secretions that it puts out start to eat away at the enamel of the tooth. Eventually, the enamel will develop a small hole, known as a cavity. This is one of the many conditions that we treat in our dentist office.  Regardless of whether you have a cavity or need a dental restoration, give us a call for information on how we can help you.


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