The appliance to keep things quiet at night

Posted on: November 15, 2016

Oral Sleep ApplianceSome nights, there might be a dog barking, a car alarm going off or even a house party late into the night. Jeff’s snoring keeps his family up at night and wakes the entire house at 3 a.m., even interrupting Jeff’s sleep. Jeff has considered treatment in the past but was weary of the treatment. However, with Jeff’s cessation of breathing during his sleep, it is time to stop beating around the bush and receive treatment.

More of a trend than people may realize

The National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project finds that at least 25 million adults in the U.S. struggle with sleep apnea on a regular basis. Jeff is a fictional example of the fear people might have toward sleep apnea treatment, believing that a CPAP machine is the only solution. However, there is a new treatment that is easy to use and it is compact.

An oral sleep appliance is similar to a night guard or retainer that one wears on the teeth. The appliance can help to treat the various forms of sleep apnea. The Mayo Clinic explains that sleep apnea “is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts.” People may sometimes joke about sleep apnea, believing that snoring is the only factor, unaware of the potential danger it poses.

Mayo Clinic lists other symptoms of sleep apnea to include:

  • Waking up with a dry mouth, sore throat or headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Episodes of breathing cessation during sleep
  • Irritability

Regular snoring from time to time is not a serious problem. However, if the snoring becomes obstructive for other family members throughout the night, then it is best to visit a professional. An oral sleep appliance can most likely help solve the problems one might face with sleep apnea.

Oral sleep appliance therapy

One of the more common methods of treatment for obstructive and other forms of sleep apnea is known as continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP. While the CPAP is a common solution, it can be cumbersome and difficult to travel with. In some cases, sleeping may be more difficult with this machine.

Fortunately, an oral sleep appliance can offer treatment and comfort. The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, AADSM, explains that “A custom-fit oral sleep appliance can improve your sleep, restore your alertness and revitalize your health.” An oral appliance “supports the jaw in a forward position to help maintain an open upper airway,” the AADSM adds.

It is important to visit a dentist to consider an oral appliance as treatment. The dentist can take a mold of the patient’s teeth and send it to the lab to customize an oral appliance to the patient’s exact specifications. This will help the appliance remain intact and not become loose or cause pain to the patient over time.

Once the appliance is complete, the patient will return to the dental office were the “dentist will adjust the appliance to maximize its comfort and effectiveness,” the AADSM explains. Many patients are able to get a small case for their oral appliance to keep it safe at home and during a trip. An oral sleep appliance can be the solution for someone who has constant snoring or obstructive sleep apnea.

If you or a loved one is struggling with sleep problems, do not hesitate to seek treatment. The fear of the machine one might have to wear during sleep is not as bad as they believe. An oral sleep appliance can help one get back into a regular sleep routine and live a better life.

The Cosmopolitan Dentist

At The Cosmopolitan Dentist in El Segundo, CA, we will customize your treatment to match your needs and schedule. Our professional staff creates a calm atmosphere for you during the appointment and treatment process. If you have any questions or are unsure of what is causing the pain in your teeth, do not hesitate to call us.

We will answer any questions and make sure you get all of the necessary information. We can help prevent damage to your teeth and set you on track for a lifetime of pristine oral health. At The Cosmopolitan Dentist, your experience with us and your dental health are our prime concern.


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